Terms & Conditions


  • These are standard terms and conditions for Website Development that apply to all contracts and all work done by Renele Studio for its clients.


  • There is a 50% down payment of the total project value for website creation.

  • The project will start when Renele Studio has received the down payment. Renele Studio has the right to not start any work until the down payment is paid in full.

  • The remaining payment of the project value will be paid before the client's website is displayed on the client's domain or according to an advance agreement between Renele Studio and the client.

  • Advances can only be returned if the client cancels before the project starts.

  • Advances cannot be returned if the client cancels after the project development has begun and terminates the collaboration through no fault of Renele Studio.

Web Creation Process

  • Clients will get 2x major revisions and 1x minor website design revision per page before proceeding to the website development stage and 2x minor revisions during website development.

  • The definition of major revision is the work of a page that can be changed in its entirety if not previously agreed upon.

  • The definition of minor revision is the work of a page that can be changed within 1 hour if not previously agreed upon.

  • Each estimated time spent on a website that Renele Studio provides depends on cooperation with the client. Someone who is appointed from the client is ready when needed to speed up the process related to content and input for Renele Studio.

  • The client is required to provide all content and information needed by Renele Studio to complete the work in accordance with agreed specifications. The contents include photos, writing content, logos and others. If there is a delay in providing these content to Renele Studio, Renele Studio has the right to extend the website development deadline agreed in advance.

  • If the project that is under development does not receive a response and / or revision from the client for 1 month or more, the project will be considered complete. Renele Studio will remind clients 2 weeks, 1 week and 3 days before the project is considered completed.

  • If additional costs are required to purchase a domain name, stock photos, fonts, templates etc. outside the initial agreement, Renele Studio will notify the client before making a purchase and all payments will be borne by the client.

  • Conversations outside of the Renele Studio group are not the responsibility of Renele Studio.

Privacy Policy

  • Renele Studio will not release confidential information such as client and company personal information data to other parties.

  • Renele Studio can at any time use content, logos, websites and others for the promotion needs of Renele Studio.

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