St. Mary's Community Directory

Project Brief

St. Mary's Community Directory is the premier source of connection between Government, community organisations, and the public. Whether you are looking for the local sports club, or planning the future public health needs, we are leading the development of digital infrastructure to enable better matching, planning and provision of health and community services to meet individual and emerging community needs.

Through an elegant design, this website can convey how the atmosphere and ambience is on various products for Community Directory. We also add more new features which is anyone can post the schedule to inform the schedule, scheduling using community calendar, and then anyone can join the available event activity.

Project Duration

3 months

Scope of Work

Brand identity and strategy

Company profile

User Interface & User Experience

Front-end development

Back-end development


Project website, The St. Mary's Community Directory, is a challenge for us, while we are specifically designed to take design guides for each of the different activities available for the St. Mary's Community Directory website. In addition, we are challenged to make it easier for each community in terms of information such as activity descriptions, event times and services.


With a strict design guide, this website is created by adjusting the information that The St. Mary's Community Directory wants to display. Using the Contact Form, the community is made easy to make appointments for events and services which will then be followed up by The St. Mary's Community Directory services.


Existence as a distributor of the official agenda of community activities in St. Mary's Community Directory.

The Project

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