Lifetime Play

Project Brief

Located at 501 W Lasley St. St. Mary's, KS, 66536, At Lifetime Play, our mission is to provide quality childcare that is safe and reliable, in a relaxed, welcoming atmosphere where cultural traditions are embraced. We emphasize respect for each other, as well as age appropriate hands-on learning and enrichment opportunities.

Through an elegant design, this website can convey how the atmosphere and ambience is in Lifetime Play

Project Duration

One Month

Scope of Work

Brand identity and strategy

Company profile


An interesting website project, where we strive to present an elegant and warm-looking website that is certainly suitable and in line with Lifetime Play. With so much information to load, we are also challenged to produce an informative website but still prioritize elegant design.


In addition to typography and color, communication with Lifetime Play is also the key to this project. Where with good communication, our combination can present an elegant website that successfully integrates photography elements provided by Lifetime Play into a good website design layout.


Increasing visitors and awareness about Lifetime Play with a website that illustrates the atmosphere and ambience of Lifetime Play.

The Project

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